Plastic the Game: Indie Interview with Sean McAlister We have a special, early treat for you this week as we interview Sean McAlister, the mind behind Plastic: The Game.  He is  our first game to watch over the next few years and our first interview of 2019. We talk about the early stages of development, why he will not Kickstart or Crowdfund,Continue reading “Plastic the Game: Indie Interview with Sean McAlister”

Our Most Anticipated of 2019 This week we spend time covering some of the games coming out in 2019, and as we parse through them, try to decide which ones we are most excited to play. We try to stick with games we know for sure are coming out in 2019 as the time of podcasting, even if MattContinue reading “Our Most Anticipated of 2019”

Our Playstation 4 game of the year It’s time for the obligatory GOTY discussion, and we try to do it in style.  There are a few caveats to this one though: It has to be a game we played this year, but not one that came out this year.  We also have played it on the PS4 system, and for MattContinue reading “Our Playstation 4 game of the year”

Interview:Desert Child w/ Oscar Brittain This week we welcome Australian Dev Oscar Brittain on the show to talk his latest, Desert Child, releasing on PS4, Xbox, Switch, and PC this week.  We talk his inspirations, his interest in making unique games, the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, and his incredible E3 from last year.

Vita’s 2019 & PSVR essential to the Playstation Experience? We have a new segment this week as we get to reader responses about the current state of PSVR and if we believe it is essential to being a Playstation owner if that will hold true in 2019.  We also talk about the upcoming Vita games that Rob is looking forward to in 2019Continue reading “Vita’s 2019 & PSVR essential to the Playstation Experience?”

Game Sound Design & Audio Composition with Chase Bethea This week we look at the composition side of gaming with audio composer/ sound designer Chase Bethea. We talk inspiration, his beginnings, favorite go to games, smashing a Gameboy, and contemplate the Game Award announcements with him. It’s a fantastic episode with a talent of the industry not to be missed! Be sure toContinue reading “Game Sound Design & Audio Composition with Chase Bethea”

Fallout 76 fated to fail and Timber Tennis This week we hit on the soon to be released Fallout 76.  We’ve played the B.E.T.A. and examined closely what needs to change before release.  WIll it be a successful venture for Bethesda, or is it destined to fail?  We also can’t get over the ridiculous mobile port Timber Tennis, so much that weContinue reading “Fallout 76 fated to fail and Timber Tennis”

Should Sony Censor Games? This week we talk Sony’s seemingly new, and sometimes arbitrary policy surrounding censorship in its recent Japanese developed games, we speak a little more about our impressions of Red Dead (full episode to come later), and highlight some of the ridiculous gems we love reading about as they come to the PSN last week! Continue reading “Should Sony Censor Games?”

weR excited for Red Dead Redemption: Prelease This week we talk what we are most excited for in Red Dead Redemption 2.  Camping?  Hunting?  The Narrative?  We discuss it the day before release in anticipation.  Now you’ve spent time with it what are you enjoying?  Let us know by finding us on Twitter!  Oh, and we also discuss some of theContinue reading “weR excited for Red Dead Redemption: Prelease”

The Future of Streaming & Vita with Josh French This week we asked The Remote Player himself Josh French to come join us as we discuss the future of streaming games, the life after death of the PSVita, and why we think physical will continue to be more viable than digital.  It’s a packed, conversational episode full of great ideas.