PS PLUS Diminishing Returns Matt is on fire this week as we discuss the PS PLUS situation for May. Loads of folks are not happy, but do they have the right to be?  What dictates value for the PS PLUS subscription, and what has the value of games looked like over the past year?  We also cover theContinue reading “PS PLUS Diminishing Returns”

Are Zombie Days Gone? Are Zombie Days Gone?  Are we suffering from zombie game fatigue?  What does this mean for the Last of Us and for Dying Light 2?  Or are the two latest to the franchise of zombie games (Days Gone and World War Z) getting an unfair shakedown based on timing and expectations?  We cover this,Continue reading “Are Zombie Days Gone?”

Jedi Fallen Order and PSN Names Well, we are back on track, back in the saddle, and offering this up to you for your consumption!  The first chance to hear our thoughts on the Jedi Fallen Order reveal and whether it will succeed or fail, along with a chance to talk PSN name changes.  Matt and Rob also take turnsContinue reading “Jedi Fallen Order and PSN Names”

GameStop Woes This week we spoke about Gamestop’s tragic news, well, possibly tragic news, from last week of their gigantic losses from last quarter.  We also covered Rob’s obsession with Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, the latest Playstation news, and how little there was that game out last week for games.  It’s a solid, fun episode, soContinue reading “GameStop Woes”

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Division 2 Discussion This week we focus on three topics, Division 2 and our love for the loot based shooter after some time with it, Rob’s impressions of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice as he slowly burns through it, and Google’s Stadia as a concept ahead of its time, and a threat to potential parts of the gamingContinue reading “Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Division 2 Discussion”

Games that comfort us This week, we highlight the latest news, the ps drop, and most importantly, what games we need when we want comforted in times of stress or otherwise. We think we made some important decisions, not just on games, but what it is about them that comforts us. We also have a bare bones experienceContinue reading “Games that comfort us”

GaaS ing the Market: Games as a Service Anthem, Division 2, Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Fallout 76, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and even Call of Duty and Battlefield are all vying for the attention of gamers not over a period of weeks or months, but years.  This is the era of Games as a Service, but are they GaaS-ing the market toContinue reading “GaaS ing the Market: Games as a Service”

Interview with Fableware Narrative (Sword Legacy Omen) Part 1 In Part 1 of this episode Matt and I talk Sword Legacy Omen impressions from our gameplay experiences (no spoilers) and then interview the narrative head behind Sword Legacy Omen, Fableware Narrative Design’s Arthur Protasio! We speak on narrative design, the game industry, the ins and outs of SLO’s development, starting a studio, andContinue reading “Interview with Fableware Narrative (Sword Legacy Omen) Part 1”

Indie Interview: Horizon Shift 81 and Flump Studios This week we welcome Paul from Flump Studios, the maker of shmups like Horizon Shift 81!  He talks to us about its reception, his decade of making games that started over 30 years ago, and what might be next for him!  Come on in, listen, share, and subscribe.

Our PS5 Wishlist. This week in the penultimate episode to the climb to #50 we shout out to Jono Pech for 100 ep., talk about a little bit of what we are playing, and work on our wishlist for the PS5.  We have a long list of desires, some important, some not, some real possibilities, and thenContinue reading “Our PS5 Wishlist.”