PS PLUS Games for July Announced

PS PLUS Let’s you fight online and save your son….


Sony Drops the Mic

Sony’s E3 Presser had a lot going for it, and a lot of empty, quiet moments too where we stepped back to breathe before moving into another trailer. Even though Sony said they had nothing else beyond their four major announcements, Control and Resident Evil 2 Remake caught everyone by surprise with both dipping into…

CDProjektRed Cyberpunk 2077 Reveal

In what came as the biggest, and perhaps most anticipated moment of E3 so far this year, CDProjektRed revealed a cinematic trailer for its much discussed Cyberpunk2077 title.  You can see it in all its glory below!  

EA Conference

EA Conference breakdown (Currently being updated): Battlefield V (now with Battle Royale mode) Fifa 18 World Cup/ Fifa 19 announced. Fifa 18 Free Trial available now EA Mobile access through their service on PC : Origin Access, include Madden for first time in ten years on PC. ReSpawn making Star Wars game: Jedi Fallen Order…

PS Plus Games for June

  The PS Blog announced the PS Plus games for June.  Looks like we will get our chance to work on our strategy in turned based combat withXCOM 2 and jump through hoops and other crazy trials in  Trials Fusion.  I am personally excited as I never got around to either upon release.  Here’s the full lineup…