Friendships at a Price A deliciously filled week full of news last week, including PS5 news, MK11’s pricey expansion pack, Prince of Persia rumors abound, Doom divorces, THQ plays trading cards with its IP’s, and a fruitful week on the PSN with new games too!  It’s a lot to take in and we do our best to parseContinue reading “Friendships at a Price”

Playstation News May-hem Whoa, that escalated quickly did it not? Last week we saw an AC:Valhalla trailer released, Last of Us Part 2 not only had leak issues but a release date revealed, Ghost of Tsushima also dropped a new date, PS Plus May games garnered a very hostile reaction online, and Matt and I finally doveContinue reading “Playstation News May-hem”

A new dawn for Aloy on the Horizon Last week was big for Horizon Zero Dawn 2 news, NPD sales showed us that despite Coronavirus you cannot slow down COD and Animal Crossing, and of course we ask the all important question: Do Gamers ever know what we want? We highlight this in light of core Fortnite players issues with the game,Continue reading “A new dawn for Aloy on the Horizon”

Held Back This week we explore the news and all it holds from a Crysis remake to COD Warfare cheaters causing crossplay issues for console players. We also discuss the Outer Worlds revelation that current consoles held back certain aspects of development, and the current PSNOW discount that’ll snag a whole year worth of trying theContinue reading “Held Back”

Reasons why Last of Us 2 is delayed Well, Covid-19 strikes again! Or does it? The Last of Us Part II received another delay, and so did Iron Man VR. Although this appears to be a distribution issue and not work related, we can’t help but speculate and ponder based on the wording of some press releases what might be going onContinue reading “Reasons why Last of Us 2 is delayed”

Slow Down PSN This week, we highlight what we’ve been paying in the form of Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure, as well as Matt’s undying love for AC:Odyssey. Then it’s off to the races, sort of, as we talk slowing down the PSN speeds, April’s leaked PS PLUS games, and that PS5 will not be delayedContinue reading “Slow Down PSN”

Is Gamestop Essential? As countries bare down under the brunt of Covid-19 one consumer friendly business seeks to remain open despite everyone’s best interests. We talk about Gamestop being labeled as essential, and the underlying message being conveyed by their concern. It’s also a great time to talk about tackling your backlog and what type of gamesContinue reading “Is Gamestop Essential?”