Slow Down PSN This week, we highlight what we’ve been paying in the form of Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure, as well as Matt’s undying love for AC:Odyssey. Then it’s off to the races, sort of, as we talk slowing down the PSN speeds, April’s leaked PS PLUS games, and that PS5 will not be delayedContinue reading “Slow Down PSN”

Is Gamestop Essential? As countries bare down under the brunt of Covid-19 one consumer friendly business seeks to remain open despite everyone’s best interests. We talk about Gamestop being labeled as essential, and the underlying message being conveyed by their concern. It’s also a great time to talk about tackling your backlog and what type of gamesContinue reading “Is Gamestop Essential?”

Will Coronavirus delay games? It’s another week as we hunker down to stay indoors.  Means plenty of time for gaming right?  But have you ever wrestled with the desire to play, and then not play at all? We discuss for a bit how we struggle to play when we actually have time. We talk about our two picksContinue reading “Will Coronavirus delay games?”

E3 and the Edge of Extinction Goodnight and Goodluck, or so it would seem to E3.  With the Coronavirus running rampant around the L.A. area and across the world, it seems the world’s biggest electronic expo is on the edge of extinction. We discuss whether or not this could be the end of E3 for good, and what happens ifContinue reading “E3 and the Edge of Extinction”

Stay here we shall It’s been a weird 2020. First we got a bunch of game delays, then we hit issues with new consoles not being revealed, and now GDC has been cancelled with E3 still planning to forge ahead. Yet, where will this all lead? With health concerns abound, should these trade shows adopt a much simplerContinue reading “Stay here we shall”