Final Bosses that made us Rage In this penultimate episode (just kidding) we talk about games and bosses that really made us want to rage quit, highlight a few pieces of news in another slow past week in January for gaming, and re-imagine some of our favorite characters and franchises in a little game we call, What If? It’s aContinue reading “Final Bosses that made us Rage”


There it is. The PS Blog, along with the official Playstation account, dropped a hint that a well known series would be making its way to the PS PLUS lineup this month. While most speculated it might have something to do with the N. Sane Trilogy, Sony used the Bandicoot to misdirect us once againContinue reading “February’s PS PLUS GAMES ANNOUNCED”

Freedom Finger Impressions and Delays for days It’s a packed episode this week.  First up, we giveaway a wonderful game this week in Freedom Finger, which we give our impressions surrounding it in all its indie goodness. We discuss how it’s for, and whether or not it’s worth a a full price purchase, on sale, or if you should pass onContinue reading “Freedom Finger Impressions and Delays for days”

Decoding PS5’s Secret This past week Sony said the best PS5 news is yet to come, and yet they told us plenty more about the future.  So what do we think it is?  We kick around a few ideas.  Plus, Exit the Gungeon is coming soon to consoles, Metacritic announces its games of the decade,  and thisContinue reading “Decoding PS5’s Secret”