Indie-view: LoveSick Darlings Dimitri Adoniou We have a special guest this week in Dimitri Adoniou, creator and developer on LoveSick Darlings, a Visual Novel currently live on Kickstarter. He comes by to talk to us about his game, how it can be for more than weebs and anime fans, how Danganronpa and Va-11-Hall-A are the standard for visual novels,Continue reading “Indie-view: LoveSick Darlings Dimitri Adoniou”

Talkin about my Cross Generation Well, this is awkward. We covered the news from the past week , talked about the blog drop for this week, and of course, gave it a go on what we thought might show up at the Sony State of Play on Tuesday December 10th. How did we do? Well, take a listen atContinue reading “Talkin about my Cross Generation”

2019 Games to remember This year was, according to most critics, a less than stellar year in gaming. We decided to take a look and see what 2019 might be remembered for and which games might be the best choice as we wrap up the year.  Next week will be our awards, but for now let’s dive intoContinue reading “2019 Games to remember”