Steam Loses Lawsuit Over Digital Ownership and Resell of Games in French Court

by Rob Fanzo Please note the following is a rough translation (with assistance from translator) of the original article that can be found here: Original Story The UFC-Que Choisir won a major victory against Valve, the Steam publisher of the largest video game platform on the market. The association has obtained the cancellation ofContinue reading “Steam Loses Lawsuit Over Digital Ownership and Resell of Games in French Court”

Ubisoft, Gamestop, and the future This week we hit up the news a bit early in the week to talk Gamestop’s woes, Ubisoft’s lack of support for smaller titles moving forward, and how this all can begin to shape what should already be an interesting 2020.  We also hit up the PS Drop, or at least Matt does, andContinue reading “Ubisoft, Gamestop, and the future”

What Are Yakuza Doing to us? This week we cover what we’ve been playing of course, but we also dive into some news surrounding Playstation hits, the departure of a creative director from a studio with a game still very much in development, and tackle the burning question of genre changes among established series.  Our focus for this week, YakuzaContinue reading “What Are Yakuza Doing to us?”