THQ Dominates the News This week we go a little long on the news, so much that it dominates the conversation.  We cover the important topics regarding studio acquisitions, collector’s editions, and more as we slowly realize 90% of the news this week came from THQ Nordic.  Plus we show off how much we love the PS BLOGContinue reading “THQ Dominates the News”

An End of an Era in Lootbox Gaming? That’s right, I am sure every other podcast wants to cover it, and if not, we will! This week we look at whether the end of an era in loot boxes is coming, or if the ESA will fail to uphold those standards, or even be around to enforce them. Plus we cover aContinue reading “An End of an Era in Lootbox Gaming?”

Death Stranding will revolutionize gameplay New week, new podcast. We had a rough time between Rob’s tongue twisters to Matt’s tech issues, but we survived! Here we are to talk about Playstation’s new tournaments, Ray Tracing, and Death Stranding as a revolutionary new way to play games! We dive into some news, and of course, give you the latestContinue reading “Death Stranding will revolutionize gameplay”