The Great Tifa Debate (Final Fantasy VII) This is it.  After a week of waiting to see what would happen, we decided the internet needed to solve the biggest issue of the week:  Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa’s erhm, new size.  We take it on, Matt has some angry thoughts, and Rob tries a more balanced analytical approach.  Either way, this isContinue reading “The Great Tifa Debate (Final Fantasy VII)”

Fall of the Single Player Game Well, well, E3 is in the books, and with it came a lot of fall games. Some expected, some unexpected, and some still up for a definitive date. This week we take a look at everything coming out, Rob picks out his favorites, while Matt is well, less enthusiastic about the games coming. WeContinue reading “Fall of the Single Player Game”

Horizon Shift ’81 Review and Impressions This week a short, but not so short review of Flump Studio’s Horizon Shift ’81, out on the PSN store June 11th! We’ve spent some time with it, and in short cover everything from menus to game play to what we love about it. We have a discussion around what weapons we enjoy most,Continue reading “Horizon Shift ’81 Review and Impressions”

Kojima not Stranding Around Just like Hideo Kojima proves he was not just standing around or taking his time, but busy crafting what is shaping up to be the most anticipated game this year.  We talk our reactions to the Death Stranding news, what we hope it will be, and spend a little time focused on what weContinue reading “Kojima not Stranding Around”