Nioh 2 Impressions and PS5 News Nioh 2 Alpha released this week and we could not wait to talk about our impressions after spending a few hours with it.  We cover what is new, what is old, what we enjoyed, and our one gripe so far with it all. Plus, there is a ton, ton of PS5 and PS newsContinue reading “Nioh 2 Impressions and PS5 News”

SonySoft: Microsoft and Sony team up This week we wanted to talk about the biggest news in gaming; so big not even the employees knew about it!  SonySoft, as we call it.  Microsoft and Sony announced a strategic partnership, but that does not mean the console era or friendly competition is over.  We break it down and try to determineContinue reading “SonySoft: Microsoft and Sony team up”

State of Play was a Okay This week we look back at Sony’s recent State of Play to determine if it was everything we hoped it would be, if it managed expectations, or if Sony fans walked away disappointed again. We also want to make sure we covered Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and its reveal; will it solve the problems ofContinue reading “State of Play was a Okay”

PS PLUS Diminishing Returns Matt is on fire this week as we discuss the PS PLUS situation for May. Loads of folks are not happy, but do they have the right to be?  What dictates value for the PS PLUS subscription, and what has the value of games looked like over the past year?  We also cover theContinue reading “PS PLUS Diminishing Returns”