Game Sound Design & Audio Composition with Chase Bethea This week we look at the composition side of gaming with audio composer/ sound designer Chase Bethea. We talk inspiration, his beginnings, favorite go to games, smashing a Gameboy, and contemplate the Game Award announcements with him. It’s a fantastic episode with a talent of the industry not to be missed! Be sure toContinue reading “Game Sound Design & Audio Composition with Chase Bethea”

Fallout 76 fated to fail and Timber Tennis This week we hit on the soon to be released Fallout 76.  We’ve played the B.E.T.A. and examined closely what needs to change before release.  WIll it be a successful venture for Bethesda, or is it destined to fail?  We also can’t get over the ridiculous mobile port Timber Tennis, so much that weContinue reading “Fallout 76 fated to fail and Timber Tennis”

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Gold Glitch has raised the stakes for me

When I first heard about the still unpatched (as of this writing) Red Dead Redemption 2 gold glitch, I dismissed it as a temporary mistake Rockstar would patch before an opportunity presented itself for me to exploit it. I also contemplated if I wanted it to dictate or shape my experience by using said glitchContinue reading “Red Dead Redemption 2’s Gold Glitch has raised the stakes for me”

Should Sony Censor Games? This week we talk Sony’s seemingly new, and sometimes arbitrary policy surrounding censorship in its recent Japanese developed games, we speak a little more about our impressions of Red Dead (full episode to come later), and highlight some of the ridiculous gems we love reading about as they come to the PSN last week! Continue reading “Should Sony Censor Games?”

GameStop DM Giveaway

Gamestop appears to be reaching out to people as gestures of goodwill and awesomeness by sending out select free games for a console system of choice on Twitter.  They recently reached out to yours truly to give me a copy of Valkyrie Chronicles 4 Premium Edition, and others have confirmed on the Twitter receiving theContinue reading “GameStop DM Giveaway”