Inside the Industry: Aimee Smith of Freedom Planet This week we head down under as we speak to Australian Voice Actor Aimee Smith on everything from how she started to the overlooked potential of Australia as a land of Voice Acting! You will not want to miss it!

TellTale statement…studio closing

Here’s an official statement from Telltale themselves about their closing…. According the various sources surrounding the closing of the studio, the small staff that remains is to complete the contract with Netflix Telltale signed to work on Minecraft: Story Mode, but that the final season of The Walking Dead may not be seen to completion.Continue reading “TellTale statement…studio closing”

Backpacks, Brutes, and Spiderman A Special Episode Yup, everyone has reviewed it, beaten it, interviewed the game’s director, but has anyone talked about the annoying Brutes, or the awesome as hell backpack collection?  We talk spoiler-free about the little stuff that makes for such a great, and sometimes frustrating Spider-Man game. 

Inside the Industry: Rachael Messer This week we are super excited to have My Hero Academia, Forgotton Anne, Attack on Titan and Paladin famed voice actor Messer join us to talk her career, projects, and how much more emotional a game like Forgotton Anne can be as a voice actor.  She tells us about her one time dream of Cirque de Soleil, andContinue reading “Inside the Industry: Rachael Messer”

Fall Gaming Wallet Woes After a week off we are back and we want ot discuss the woes of Fall Gaming, not because it’s the worst of times, but because it’s the best of times, except for our wallets!  With the release of Spider-Man on PS4 this week we run down the rest of the Fall lineup andContinue reading “Fall Gaming Wallet Woes”