Gameplay Trailers are King Doom Eternal Gameplay? Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay? Spider-Man Gameplay? Last week everyone delivered so much that we discuss how gameplay trailers are king, and why we believe cinematic trailers for games should no longer be part of a game’s marketing campaign.  Oh, and Matt and I get a good laugh at the PSContinue reading “Gameplay Trailers are King”

Inside the Industry Interview w/ Skelattack & Ukuza Games We spoke with Skelattack’s creator David Stanley and Ukuza Games CEO Shane de Lumeau about Skelattack, their upcoming platformer over two years in the making. David and Shane take us through the joys of development, why publishing indie games like Skelattack & Epic Loon are important to Ukuza Games, and how creativity & ideas always seem to arrive when a pen’s notContinue reading “Inside the Industry Interview w/ Skelattack & Ukuza Games”

Are Playstation Plat Trophies Ruined? This week we talk about the desecration of the Platinum Trophy for Sony.  Should an developer have the right to make an easy platinum to pawn the market’s money to make a better game?  WIll others follow suit?  Does anyone care, or just trophy hunters?  We want to hear from all devs on this,Continue reading “Are Playstation Plat Trophies Ruined?”

Will we ever stop playing video games? This week we switch up the format, bring a podcast out of the archive vault that’s never been heard before, and focus on one topic:  Why we still play Video Games as an adult.  Matt and I highlight what it is that makes video games so special for us, and why we are theContinue reading “Will we ever stop playing video games?”

PS PLUS August Announced

The PSBlog listed the free games for PSPLUS this month. PS4 owners are in for some Mafia action and can put their knowledge to the test as well. They’re listed here: Mafia III Dead by Daylight Knowledge is Power as part of your PS Plus membership too for the whole family to enjoy starting AugustContinue reading “PS PLUS August Announced”