Inside the Industry Interview w/ Skelatack & Ukuza Games We spoke with Skelattack’s creator David Stanley and Ukuza Games CEO Shane de Lumeau about Skelattack, their upcoming platformer over two years in the making. David and Shane take us through the joys of development, why publishing indie games like Skelattack & Epic Loon are important to Ukuza Games, and how creativity & ideas always seemContinue reading “Inside the Industry Interview w/ Skelatack & Ukuza Games”

Inside the Industry Interview w/ Natalie Roers Youtube: This week we speak to the amazing Natalie Roers about the voice acting industry. She tells us how to become successful and how it led to her writing a book about it.  We of course, cover what it’s like to act for video games like Fear Effect Sedna and games in VR, andContinue reading “Inside the Industry Interview w/ Natalie Roers”

Inside the Industry Interview: Mindwalker Games This week we are honored by the presence of Alexandria Misha from Mindwalker Games. She talks to us about their games Sentinels and Onslaught VR, why early access over Kickstarter, and how developing a game takes precedence over a car crash. It’s a great week to hear from inside the industry, so come joinContinue reading “Inside the Industry Interview: Mindwalker Games”

Our Podcast Service Shift to Podbean

Hello! We are super excited here. We had hosted ALL our podcasts on Soundcloud previously. We have since shifted to Podbean to better serve you. This means all our previous, current, and future podcasts will be on there, and will be posting on YouTube and other services faster and sooner. If you also like whatContinue reading “Our Podcast Service Shift to Podbean”

Celeste, GOW, Red Dead 2, Spider Man, GOTY Watch

This week Matt and I talk about what the top contenders are for GOTY for the first half of 2018, and we’re smitten with two of them (hint: one is Celeste). We also discuss the heavy hitters to come, and learn that Rockstar has a solid history when it comes to media outlets choosing them.Continue reading “Celeste, GOW, Red Dead 2, Spider Man, GOTY Watch”

Massive Mid-Year Summer Sale PS4

The Playstation Store has massive discounts on over 600 games for the next two weeks starting today, July 3rd. A screenshot below reveals only a bit of the massive sale on PS4, PS3, PSVR, and even PSVita deals. What will you be picking up?

Skelattack Let’s Play

Rob thinks he has what it takes to take on the humans in skeleton form. Come by check out the demo for this awesome indie game in development, and future podcast guest, Ukuza Games’ Skelattack. Watch below, then head here for the demo: Skelattack Demo