PS PLUS Games for July Announced



Earlier today the Playstation Blog announced its free games for July.  The lineup looks good for those who have finished Detroit: Become Human and want to explore David Cage and Quantic Dream’s first offering in Heavy Rain.   Meanwhile, Absolver should get a new shot in the arm with more online matches as it joins the freebie lineup. Do not forget Black Ops III is available until July 11th from E3.  The rest of the lineup is as follows:

Those are two great games for Vita fans, and Rayman 3 HD is not a bad catch either.

Playstation Now is also on discount for a limited time as well.  Plus members can purchase 3 months for $29.99 in a deal that runs through September.  After that 3 months will run you the normal $44.99.

Any thoughts?  What will you be playing?Don’t forget to join us on as we tackle at least one of the new freebies for PS PLUS members through our stream.

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